Moths and Butterflies July 2020

Peppered Moth with Lunar-spotted Pinion & Common Wainscot

Saturday 11th July we had a successful night moth recording, with 5 others who are still in a lockdown scenario but safe here as we could socially distance ourselves.     Several chairs surrounded the picnic table where they deposited flasks of coffee/tea etc.   Home made cakes etc., to help themselves to.   A total of 8 traps, spread over 1/2 mile were lit at 10.00pm and switched off 3.30am.   A clear night with July temperatures falling from 23c daytime to a drastic 6c !   However well over 100 species recorded so not a bad night.   All under the care of Alan Prior, Martin Kennard, Scott, Peter, Chris and ourselves.  We are privileged to have them here.

The records for that night are attached.  Moth records 12.07.20

Marbled White on Knapweed

Butterfly recordings:   Major events include the mass hatching of 150 plus Marbled Whites! See above.

The same number for Meadow Brown.  Both on the 30th May.   Our records are finally being logged onto the Warwickshire Butterflies website.     I am ashamed to say it has taken some time for me to actually get around to doing this.  But along with the butterflies we hope to put the records straight regarding sightings of other wildlife with the Butterfly conservation.    David and I tend to take for granted what we see each day.