Simply Moths

June Mothing

This count of one nights mothing (click on June Mothing} was kindly supplied by Alan Prior who regularly visits here and without his help I could not monitor the many micros we have here.   This visit we socially distanced ourselves, I used a mask covering my mouth and nose – kept the flies at bay anyway!    Alan  brought his own food and drink.

He is amazing as are many of those Lepidopterists out there who monitor moths by B&F number (the official number recognising every moth) and butterfly.  For example:  Poplar Hawk Moth is 1981.    There are approximately 2.500 moths – of which he knows the number!

My job that night was to write down the B&F number as he shouted out and delved into a trap full of moths.    Now that is what I call love and dedication to our natural world.