Latest Botanists report

On Thursday (16th June) we welcomed WARWICKSHIRE FLORA GROUP arranged by John and Monica Walton who came to make a full audit on our wild flowers, hedges, trees on the SMJ nature reserve.

169 different species reported, including our diverse trees and shrubs!

The important plant species for the South facing embankments are Horseshoe Vetch (food plant of the the Adonis Blue Butterfly, and the Chalkhill Blue – both of which we expect to eventually find their way here.)  Kidney Vetch (food plant of the Small Blue – first found last here year!) and Birdsfoot trefoil which is generally a food plant for most insects.  Many other plants are to be found here on the embankments.  We ensure that our moths are also well catered for by being aware of their food plants.

So many English wild flower meadow and wetland species were introduced by us as we progressed into ponds etc., most of which have been very successful and all play their important role in attracting our decreasing wildlife.

Tree species include Oak, Ash, Willows, Hawthorn, Elder, Field Maple, Silver Birch, Crab Apple, Horse Chestnut, Hazel, Dogwood, Apple, Wild Pear, Domestic Pear, Blackthorn, Buckthorn

If you have an interest you can download the full report below!

SMJ-Plants Report

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